Sensei Lance Talks: The "Perfect Self Defence Technique"

Sensei Lance Talks: The "Perfect Self Defence Technique"

Today I want to talk about the ‘perfect self defence technique’.

I am going to kick suspense to the curb and tell you straight up that there is no perfect self defence technique. The technique you use is dependant on the objective. Whether you need to disable somebody so you can run to safety or maybe you’re with your kids so you have to subdue and hold down somebody until help arrives.

The second factor that will determine which technique you should use is your physical ability. If you’re quite short, maybe a palm heel to the nose is not an effective option for you. Or, if your attacker is quite large in stature, maybe it will take more than one strike to take control.

Essentially, the perfect self defense technique doesn’t exist. Rather than ask or look for the ‘perfect technique’, you’re better off learning and understanding the fundamental principles behind the techniques. One you have a solid understanding of the principles, then you will realise it’s not the technique that is effective or ineffective, but the context in which you use the technique that dictates whether or not it will be the best choice for that particular scenario.

Having said that, some martial artists may beg to differ and say that there is a perfect self defence technique, and that is to PREVENT an attack by staying aware, staying ready, avoiding unsafe areas and always keeping your wits about you.

Until next time!