Karate Fitness: Do you need to be Fit to Train Karate?

Karate Fitness: Do you need to be Fit to Train Karate?

Do I need to be fit to train Karate?

This is a question that we get from many adults. Kids are expected to be active and eager as kids tend to be naturally. However, when adults consider starting a martial art, one factor that often deters them is the ‘expectation’ that they need to be fit in order to participate.

A simple response to this question is, no. There is no physical prerequisite to being able to actively participate in martial arts, unless you have a diagnosed medical condition that may stop you.

Karate is for everyone, no matter age, demographic or fitness level. In actual fact, participating in Karate will help you build up your fitness levels, as there usually is a strong emphasis on movement and biomechanics in the class coupled with cardiovascular and body weight training. Personal Trainers are often met with clients who don’t want to start sessions “until they become fitter”...this makes absolutely no sense, because isn’t a Personal Trainer there to help you get fit in the first place? Karate training works the same way. Not only will you develop a good foundation for fitness but you will be taught skills that you can apply in your everyday life, just like the kids do.

This principle also applies to children. There is a growing rate of obesity in Australia and unfortunately many of this population are children and young teens. The fear of ‘not being fit enough’ to join a martial art or train Karate needs to be addressed, as Karate is not necessarily about fitness. It is about mindset. The development of thinking processes and problem solving using your brain and limbs. Fitness is merely a side effect.

The team at Twins Martial Arts accommodate for all fitness levels whether you have never participated in physical activity before, or you are an interactive sports-maniac, lack of fitness should never be a factor in your decision making on whether to train Karate or not. The answer will always be the same. Yes, you most definitely should!