Intro to Twins Self Defence System

Intro to Twins Self Defence System

In this blog I will introduce you to the self defence system we you at Twins Martial Arts.

Ideally, we like make our self defense quite simple so we break it down into the five D’s.

  1. Detect - This element is about using your situational awareness to detect if there are any problems.

  2. Defuse - Using your words to try and talk someone out of potentially harming you, others or themselves.

  3. Distract - Using your words and body language to distract the person to allow you to make a quick escape.

  4. Defend - Using a pre-emptive strike is the necessity arises.  

  5. Depart - Using a ‘stun and run’ technique where you pre-emptive strike works as a diversion, that will give you some time to get out of there fast.

The most important aspect of self defense is your situational awareness. If you can avoid any potential problems before they start, you’re never going to find yourself in danger. In essence, detection, is key. If you can detect and avoid the situation safely, then there is no need for the other four Ds.

What I found when I was in Brazil I had to walk down some dodgy streets, a couple of ‘favelas’, which are considered the slums of Brazil. Using my situational awareness, I made the decision to walk in the middle of the road rather than the footpaths. The streets were better lit which made me more visible when walking down the road and gave me more room to run if necessary. I was also away from cars and doors which reduced the ability for someone to jump me from a strange doorway, or to pull me into a car or van.

Having those things in the back of your mind like being aware, planning your trip if you are heading somewhere you have never been before. These can all help to prevent a potential attack.

Sensei Lance