Fight, Flight or Freeze Response

Fight, Flight or Freeze Response

Today I will be discussing the ‘fight or flight’ response. This will typically occur when someone is under pressure or when something unexpected happens.

What I like to think about is, instead of just the ‘fight or flight’ response, I refer to the ‘fight, flight or freeze’ response. Often those that are untrained in martial arts will freeze in a situation which requires a flight response, like running away or fight response such as defending yourself. For example, someone is coming at you with a tight fist and looks like they’re going to punch you. Ideally you want to be able to run away or defend yourself. The issue here is how we can train ourselves not to freeze in those situations.

The most effective way is training in some form of martial art. A good instructor will talk to you about the principles of the self defence, then give you some techniques that will come from those principles. Followed by technique practice under some form of duress or stress.

There is absolutely no point in practicing these techniques in isolation. To prevent that freezing response you need to practice the techniques under some pressure. Of course, in martial arts you’ll learn the principles and techniques first. Then with experience, over time, your instructor will put you under a little more pressure to make it more realistic.

Stay patient, keep persisting, stay open and sharp minded.

Sensei Lance