Attacker Rituals

Attacker Rituals

For today’s topic I will be talking about ‘attacker rituals’. There are a lot of different rituals that people perform or participate in before attacking a victim. One of the most common, we like to remember as the 4D’s (not to be confused with the 5D’s of self defence).

The first thing they will usually try to do, it to start a dialogue, so they will talk to you. Maybe a random person on the street starts talking to you, it can be as innocent as asking for directions or saying ‘hello’.

The second step they will generally take is to deceive you. They are going to make it look like they are being friendly. Maybe you’ve just parked your car and someone walks over, taps on the window and starts chatting to you about your car or asks for help.

Once they have your attention they most likely will attempt to distract you. So, maybe as you open up the window they might tell you to grab your phone from the passenger seat, look to the backseat to search for something or ask you to make a call for them on your phone. As you’re distracted you look for your phone or some change leaving yourself entirely vulnerable to that person.

Finally, once they have managed to start the dialogue, deceive you with their charm or personality and have distracted you, then they may attempt destruction, which is when they attempt to hurt you.

This is one of the most common attacker rituals that has been noted and has been used in criminal profiling. These concepts are further discussed by Geoff Thompson in his work, so if you’re interested check him out. However, we do adopt this concept and teach it within our Twins curriculum as part of our situational awareness unit.

The most important takeaway is that if you notice that a stranger or someone you don’t know starts talking to you as if they do know you, it is not rude to have your guard up a little bit. Even using your fence (which we will talk about later on as well), because you really don’t know what is going to happen. One tip for you, if you ever find yourself in that situation, try to keep looking at them while they talk. Notice where they are putting their hands, their body language, how close they are in proximity to you. This will also give you clues as to what they not be saying!