How does Karate build Leaders?

How does Karate build Leaders?

A small percentage of leaders are born with the behaviour type. Most leaders develop their skills through education, experience and lessons. The unique selling point of Karate, is that it can facilitate the development of leadership qualities, attributes and skills in any and all behaviour types.

Karate’s embedded culture of respect, discipline and learning foster a development almost unseen in mainstream schools. Without these attributes, a child will find it difficult to progress up the ranks in the martial art. Karate taps into the mindset of the student by making progress, conditional. As long as they present themselves in a respectable, supportive and positive way among other key performance indicators, they will succeed.

Suffice it to say, the above qualities are present and established in many, if not all, successful leaders. These teachings are instilled as fundamental principles for all our students. So, regardless of whether they are enrolled in our Leadership Program, Sensei Squad or Competition Team, they all experience the fundamental leadership-quality training.

In the instance that a student goes above and beyond these fundamentals and showcases additional qualities that indicate the development of a leader, they have the option of further training as a member of the Leadership Team. This team undergoes monthly personal and professional development, learning additional skills such as public speaking techniques, classroom management and communication techniques, how to address multiple behaviour styles among many other skill-based seminars. These are then applied in class as they become a role model to their fellow students by exemplifying the additional characteristics of leadership.

The vision at Twins is to create leaders of tomorrow, not just in martial arts but within the community. To teach the skills necessary to develop strong, innovative and independent thinkers who just happen to also have a passion for Karate, as we do!