Benefits of Karate: Building Relationships

Benefits of Karate: Building Relationships

In an age of virtual friendship on Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat, it is often a goal for young people to obtain as many friends or followers as they can on the aforementioned social platforms. But how many of those friends, are legitimate friends? How many of those friends would bring you a tub of ice-cream and watch scary movies with you until you’re too scared to leave the house?

This is where extra and co-curricular activities become more important than ever! Research has suggested that the key to long-lasting friendships is a mutual interest. Think back to how you and your best friend became friends. What was it that brought you two together? Was it an after school activity? A sports club? A Karate club even?...

Bonding over mutual interests is a key factor in whether or not you are friends for life. As we get older and change interests, so do our friendship circles. If you are passionate about Karate, you will most likely become friends with someone else that is passionate about Karate. You can talk about it and practice it without feeling judged or that you are smothering the other person. Feeling free enough to share your passions with a likeminded person, makes the bond stronger than usual.

Not only that, but being part of a club creates a likeminded community. Many health and fitness facilities have changed their style of gym to suit the community feel. Crossfit was the first real trend setter, bringing together likeminded individuals and created that sense of community within Crossfit (the sport) and it’s facilities.

But why Karate specifically? How does training Karate help build relationships?

“New School” Karate Dojo’s are intentionally structured to provide a family-friendly and inviting atmosphere where children feel comfortable to open up and develop their socialisation skills. Many lessons, Mat Chats and principles that are taught in Karate are based on life skill development, thus, giving these kids a chance to be aware of and apply these skills in a safe and supervised environment. Based on feedback, a common result we get at Twins Martial Arts is the growing confidence of our shyer, more introverted students. Children begin to develop confidence they may have lacked through our Karate program, that provides them with the environment and tools to establish new relationships.

Empathy and communication is said to be the keys to relationship building. Through martial arts, children are taught the importance of compassion, patience and develop their conflict resolution skills which are required to create and maintain relationships in all facets of life.